How to De-Ice Your Windshield without Damaging It

As we are aware winter season brings cold and more ice. Going through cold weather can cause more harm than good. There is no doubt that ice itself can cause damage, hence it is imperative to know how to de-ice your windshield without causing havoc. Although there are several ways to defrost your car’s windshield without damaging it. In this article, we shall be looking at some ways to successfully de-ice your windshield. Read more here.

Ways to De-Ice Your Windshield without Damaging It

Start Your Car and Ensure the Defroster Is On

The first method to properly de-ice your windshield is getting your car turns on. After that, turn on your heater to defrost setting. Within 10 to 15 minutes you see the magic. Your windshield becomes warm and starts to de-ice. This is one of the first methods to use if you want to de-ice your windshield. Make sure your car is war up, this is a fast remedy to de-ice your windshield without damage.

Make Use of De-Icing Spray

You can as well employ the use of home-made spray or store-bought spray for your windshield. There are several de-icing solutions you can use to defrost your windshield. For instance, window deicer is available in car supply stores. You can easily make your home de-icer by looking at YouTube videos.

Utilize Soft Brush and The Plastic Ice Scraper 

This is the most popular option for ice removal on your windshield. It is imperative to select the scraper that has a soft brush. Also, ensure the ice-scraper you want to buy is made of plastic instead of metal. The brush helps you remove thick patches. It is important to choose the right brush to avoid damage.

Are there other simple methods to de-ice your windshields?

As we said at the beginning there are several methods, the above-listed ways are some part of the method you can utilize to remedy ice buildup on your windshield. There are there simple ways you can prevent your windshield from ice. For instance, if you don’t have a garage, you may want to consider this Do It Yourself (DIY) solution to reduce ice buildup on your car. 

Cover your windshield: This is one viable option to reduce the ice on your windshield without damaging it. You can use a car cover to protect your windshield from ice effects. You can as well use a blanket, old bedsheet or towel. This is an easy and simple way to protect your car from icing. Don’t doubt this strategy its works effectively well if carried out properly. 


On the final note, the above are some ways you can de-ice your windshield without damaging it. You must avoid the following:

  • Don’t use spatula, key or any metal scraper on your windshield it would damage it
  • Avoid pouring hot water on your frozen windshield this can cause crack or damage on your windshield.
  • Avoid using a hairdryer or a mobile heater. This is dangerous and should be avoided.